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Project Lead: Aleksei Valikov
Hyperjaxb3 provides relational persistence for JAXB objects.

Release Notes

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Change Log

   Task HJIII-75 FIXED Deploy to Central Repo Major Resolved
   Task HJIII-86 FIXED Foreign key example Major Resolved
   Task HJIII-61 FIXED Create an example for vendor-specific annotations Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-69 FIXED [JPA 2] DETACH cascade type Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-68 FIXED [JPA 2] Generate access element Major Closed
   Task HJIII-78 FIXED [JPA 2] embedded/association-override Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-67 FIXED [JPA 2] join-table in association-override Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-70 FIXED [JPA 2] lock-mode Major Closed
   Task HJIII-79 FIXED [JPA 2] many-to-many/map-key, one-to-many/map-key Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-71 FIXED [JPA 2] many-to-one/maps-id, many-to-one/id, one-to-one/maps-id, one-to-one/id Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-73 FIXED [JPA 2] order-column Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-72 FIXED [JPA 2] orphan-removal Major Closed
   Task HJIII-76 FIXED [JPA 2] unique-constraint name Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-65 DUPLICATE [JPA 2] Support order columns Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-50 WON'T FIX Missing complexType member after migrating code from hj3 0.5.3 to 0.5.5-SNAPSHOT Critical Closed
   Bug HJIII-41 FIXED Consider id properties on mapped superclasses Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-24 FIXED Hyperjaxb3 maven plug-in multiple maven module referencing each other generating duplicate hjids Major Resolved
   New Feature HJIII-32 FIXED Make packages ignoreable Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-28 FIXED Problem with simple types in 0.5.4 Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-27 WON'T FIX Changed naming in 0.5.4 Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-46 FIXED @Column in @Embedded/@AttributeOverride is not initialized appropriately Major Closed
   Task HJIII-55 FIXED Clean up po-ws Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-49 FIXED Composite keys fail with elements Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-60 FIXED Correct mappings for simple types Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-39 FIXED Duplicate persistence-unit generated with the persistence-unit template Major Closed
   Task HJIII-59 FIXED File an issue about customizin xs:any in JAXB RI Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-34 FIXED Generate non-qualified entity names Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-26 FIXED Hyperjaxb3 association customization for heterogeneous collections Major Closed
   New Feature HJIII-11 FIXED Implement per-type customizations Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-37 FIXED Problem with the PO tutorial Major Closed
   New Feature HJIII-35 FIXED Support default-generated-version Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-47 FIXED Templating persistence.xml does not work Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-48 FIXED Unable to marshal object with SingleAnyTypeProperty Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-40 WON'T FIX Customizations do not work with element references Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-18 FIXED Enforce serializable Major Resolved
   Improvement HJIII-17 FIXED Enforce top-level classes Major Resolved
   Improvement HJIII-23 FIXED IdClass support Major Resolved
   New Feature HJIII-21 FIXED Support embedded ids. Major Resolved
   Task HJIII-16 FIXED Update Hibernate version Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-22 FIXED XmlAdapterUtilsTest.testXMLGregorianCalendarAsDate() fails when default timezone has a negative offset Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-25 WON'T FIX Getter/Setter for boolean attribute do not match Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-9 FIXED Problem with decimal types precision in Derby Minor Resolved
   Bug HJIII-15 FIXED Unsupported builting type error with wrapped types Minor Resolved


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