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Project Lead: Aleksei Valikov
Hyperjaxb3 provides relational persistence for JAXB objects.

Release Notes

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Road Map

  10 of 15 issues have been resolved
   New Feature HJIII-87 UNRESOLVED Need easy customization to specify a global prefix to be used by all tables Major Open
   Bug HJIII-95 UNRESOLVED Support customization of the adapted types Major Open
   New Feature HJIII-53 UNRESOLVED Support for ID/IDREF Major Open
   Improvement HJIII-97 UNRESOLVED jaxb:javaType customized classes are marked Transient, preventing their inclusion in the database tables Major Open
   New Feature HJIII-30 UNRESOLVED Implement Naming Strategies Minor Open
   Task HJIII-91 FIXED Create a test for the mapping of xs:groups Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-31 FIXED EmbeddedId/Embeddable and @OneToMany @JoinColumn: need of referencedColumnName Major Resolved
   New Feature HJIII-93 FIXED Explain in RoundTrip tests where objects differ Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-102 FIXED How to set default column value Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-92 FIXED IdClass annotation is not generated if entity customization is defined (ie. table name) Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-96 FIXED JPA2 Flag for Ant command Misidentified Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-101 FIXED Problem with default-element-collection Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-94 FIXED hbm2ddl givers error: "Illegal attempt to define a @JoinColumn with a mappedBy association: xxx" Major Resolved
   Bug HJIII-100 FIXED orm:hint appears to generate the wrong java code Major Resolved
   New Feature HJIII-33 WON'T FIX Bean Validation to hyperjaxb3 Minor Resolved
  3 of 12 issues have been resolved
   Bug HJIII-36 UNRESOLVED Add referenced classes to the persistence unit with episodic compilation Major Open
   Task HJIII-19 UNRESOLVED FPML Schema Major Open
   New Feature HJIII-38 UNRESOLVED Maintain generated names Major Open
   Task HJIII-84 UNRESOLVED Reconsider naming Major Open
   Improvement HJIII-62 UNRESOLVED Support JPA 2 Major Open
   Task HJIII-20 UNRESOLVED Support database schema generation Major Open
   Improvement HJIII-43 UNRESOLVED Way to specify different/test output directory for roundtripTestClassName Major Open
   Improvement HJIII-63 UNRESOLVED [JPA 2] element-collection Major Open
   Improvement HJIII-64 UNRESOLVED [JPA 2] embeddable-attributes: many-to-one, one-to-many, one-to-one, many-to-many, element-collection, embedded Major Open
   Task HJIII-80 FIXED [JPA 2] one-to-many/map-key Major Closed
   Bug HJIII-10 WON'T FIX Problem in Ant builds Major Closed
   Improvement HJIII-66 WON'T FIX [JPA 2] Generate "description" Major Closed
  2 of 2 issues have been resolved
   Task HJIII-4 WON'T FIX Port reference guide Major Closed
   Task HJIII-6 WON'T FIX Install DSMP Minor Closed


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